Ergo Motorcycle Seats
by John Moorhouse
Ergo Motorcycle Seats

John Moorhouse.

With around 40 years in the motorcycle trimming industry John Moorhouse is the "go-to" man for motorcycle seats.

John can recover, reshape, or customise your motorcycle seat to your requirements.

Seat Repair.

John can restore your worn or damaged seat to its orignal condition.

The Ergo Seat.

Motorcycle seats are more than just a place to sit on a bike. They must support and offer comfort to the rider over many kilometres of road. They come from the factory with a "one size fits all" approach. John will work with you to create a seat which not only compliments the bike but more importantly fits the rider.

Choice of Covering.

John can match the original vinyl or you can choose from a range of colours and custom materials including leather.

Custom Seats.

You can trust John to bring your custom seat to life. Working with either the factory base or a custom base supplied by the customer he will carve your ideas out of foam and cover them with your choice of fabric.

Find us on Facebook.

John has a Facebook Page where you can see his latest work.

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